Annual Financial Information Report

Municipalities in North Carolina benefit greatly by the oversight and assistance provided by the State and Local Government Finance Division and the Local Government Commission of the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer.

The link below to the NC Department of State Treasurer's website will provide a vast amount of financial information on behalf of Village of Bald Head Island for the previous six (6) fiscal years.

The fiscal year for the Village begins on July 1 st and concludes at the end of business June 30 th the following year. All financial records are audited by a certified public accountant or by an accountant certified by the Local Government Commission as qualified to audit local government accounts. This annual audit is to be completed each year by October 31 st .

The audited totals from the most recently completed audit of fiscal year July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011 are included. Please direct any questions regarding specific calculations to Village Finance Director.

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