Calendar of Important Dates for Municipal Collections



First Business Day of Each Month (except January)

Interest accrues at rate of .75% monthly until taxes are paid in full.

January 1 st

Day as of which value, ownership and situs of real and personal property are determined for tax purposes.

January 5 th

Last day to pay property taxes prior to the accrual of interest.

January 6 th

Unpaid taxes for current year become delinquent. Interest accrues at rate of 2%.

Collector may begin the use of enforced collection remedies.

January 31 st

Last day of the regular listing period for real and personal property.

Last day to apply for listing extension.

Last day to apply for an exemption.

Second Monday in February

Collector makes report to governing body regarding current taxes which are liens on real property.

March 1 st - June 30 th

Advertisement of tax liens must be made at least once.

June Village Council meeting

Budget is adopted and tax rate is set.

June 30 th

Last day of current fiscal year.

July 1 st

Collector must make report to governing body showing unpaid taxes on real and personal property. Collector must also make settlement for prior year taxes.

September 1 st

Property taxes become due.



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