Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What do Village property taxes pay for?

Answer: Property taxes paid to Village of Bald Head Island pay for services such as law enforcement, fire and paramedic level rescue services, Development Services, postal operations, garbage collection and road maintenance.


Question: How are property taxes calculated?

Answer: Taxes are calculated as follows:
Tax Value divided by 100 multiplied by current tax rate (ex. 0.465)


Question: What are the options for payment of taxes?

Answer: Taxes can be paid in person at the Village Hall, which is located at 106 Lighthouse Wynd and open from 8:30 a.m. until 4:15 p.m. on weekdays with the exception of federal holidays.

Tax payments can also be mailed to the Tax Administrator at Post Office Box 3009, Bald Head Island, NC 28461.


Question: Is the original tax bill mailed to the mortgage company?

Answer: The original tax bill is mailed to the listed property owner as of January 1 st of the tax year. Mortgage companies may contact the tax office to obtain tax amounts for their accounts or you can forward the bill to them directly.


Question: Are US postmarks accepted for payments which are received after
January 5 th ?

Answer: Yes, mail which is postmarked on or before January 5 th is considered


Question: Why am I receiving two (2) tax bills, one from Brunswick County
and Village of Bald Head Island?

Answer: Since your property is located within both Brunswick County as well as the municipal limits of Village of Bald Head Island, then taxes are due to both taxing entities.


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