Motor Vehicles Tax

Motor vehicles are billed from personal property taxes approximately four months after the registration is renewed or tags are purchased for a new vehicle.

Motor vehicle taxes are collected based on the location of the vehicle as opposed to where the owner is located. Therefore, a vehicle owner may live in city limits of Southport for example but pay motor vehicle taxes to Village of Bald Head Island because the vehicle is actually located on the island rather than in Southport.

When you receive your vehicle registration renewal card from the DMV, make sure your address and county are correct. If the address and county are not correct, DMV must be notified so you are taxed by the proper county and city. About four months after your registration renewal, you will receive a bill which is payable on the first day of the following month.

Village of Bald Head Island has contracted with the Brunswick County Tax Department for the collection of all motor vehicle taxes. The Village is responsible for ensuring to the county that the proper vehicles will be billed and the County Tax Office is responsible for the preparation and distribution of bills, follow up, and any necessary enforcement measure for the collection of revenues.

You may view the status of your vehicle bill online through the Brunswick County web page by selecting the following link: .


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