Technical Reveiw Committee


Fourteen days prior to the Planning Board Meeting, the Village Manager may call and conduct a Technical Review Committee (TRC) meeting. Attendance of the subdivider/agent is mandatory. Representatives of the following review agencies will be invited to attend and offer comments on the subdivision proposal:

  • Village Manager
  • Planning Director
  • Village Engineer
  • Fire Chief
  • Building Inspector
  • Utilities Department
  • Electric & Telephone Utility
  • And other applicable agencies

Presence and participation of the official agent is mandatory. These agencies are to report facts, conclusions, and recommendations to the Village Manager as soon as possible. The Village Manager will also review the preliminary plat for compliance with the terms of the Village Subdivision Ordinance.

If the subdivider or the official agent does not attend the review session, no discussion of the proposal will be allowed, and it is automatically rescheduled for the next monthly review session.

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