Public Safety                        PO Box 3009, Bald Head Island, NC 28461


Phone: (910) 457-5252     Fax: (910) 457-4585

The Village of Bald Head Island merged it's Firefighter/Paramedic and police departments in July 2009.  This merger created the new Department of Public Safety.

The purpose was to increase response capabilities and to afford a higher level of customer service without a high increase in costs.  We now have five full-time Public Safety Officer positions 24-hours per day.  As of July 2010, all staff have received firefighter certification, and have some level of medical training (from Medical Responder to EMT-Paramedic levels).  Those staff that are not currently law enforcement certified are being sent to courses over the next two years.

This merger will afford a future savings by not requiring two (2) staff to do two(2) separate jobs.  Each staff can perform all functions necessary to deal with an emergency situation.

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