Public Works Director

Ben Liddle, Public Works Director:

Ben has been with Village of Bald Head Island for 6 years. Ben was born and raised in the military so he has lived all over the world. When his dad retired they moved to a small town outside Chicago. After high school he got married and worked full time at a Silica Sand Mine as a supervisor, while going to college at night. During the 21 years he spent in the mining industry he raised two great kids, Adam and Ammie. His son is an electrical engineer and is currently a first Lieutenant in the Air Force. His daughter recently graduated Drake University in Iowa as a Doctor of Pharmacy. He has two grand kids, Abby and Kyle. When he left the mining industry he went to work for an engineering company, (Martin Engineering) as an installation technician and soon was promoted to a service technician. While working for Martin Engineering he traveled extensively for about four years. Anyone who has traveled for a living knows that it gets old never being home. When he left Martin Engineering he relocated to North Carolina and became a surveyor for about three years. From there he came to the Village and has been here ever since.


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