Board of Adjustment

The Zoning Board of Adjustment hears appeals of decisions made by the Village Zoning Administrator, interprets unclear provisions in the zoning ordinance, and decides on applications by landowners to permit buildings or land uses which vary from zoning regulations as authorized by State law and Village ordinance.

Members of the Zoning Board of Adjustment are appointed by the Village Council.  The Zoning Board of Adjustment consists of five members and two alternates. The two alternates substitute at meetings for absent members. 

Staff Liaison

Stephen Boyett,
Development Services Administrator
(910) 457-9700 ext. 1004


The Zoning Board of Adjustment holds meetings on an as-needed basis, with a meeting in August pursuant to its Rules of Procedure.  Meetings are announced via public notices issued by the Village Clerk. 


Richard Mesarisdanddmesaris@gmail.comTerm: June 2020
Judy Porterrporters@bellsouth.netTerm: June 2022
Suzanne Buzzardaandsbuzzard@comcast.netTerm: June 2022
Doug JenestTerm: June 2020
Pat Johnstonpatbhi@bellsouth.netTerm: June 2022



If you are interested in serving please click HERE for the Committee Appointment Application.