Aging in Place on BHI

Project Longevity

Project Longevity is made up of a small group of Islanders who want to make it easier for folks to live on Bald Head Island as long as possible or “age in place.” This group has identified community resources (listed below) to help others. The group initiated the establishment of a polling site on the island and is always seeking other opportunities to assist Islanders. The group has reached out to local service providers to make advanced arrangements on behalf of Islanders.

Some of the providers below were present at a Community Meeting held on January 26, 2024. A recording of this meeting can be viewed HERE. The event program can be viewed HERE. Pat Miller, who was in attendance, did a wonderful summary of the event which can be viewed HERE.

BHI Community Care

Contact Joan Maggio at if you need help or would like to assist others in the Bald Head Island Community.

Village Chapel of Bald Head Island – Community Outreach

The Village Chapel is here to help; for those who might need help with meals, in-person visits, or other types of support, due to an injury, family emergency, or for any other reason, please reach out to Christine Osborne, who heads up the Meals Committee for the Village Chapel under our Outreach team. If more than meals are needed, Christine can coordinate with other Village Chapel committees to see what support they might be able to offer. All requests for support will be kept confidential.  Christine can be reached at (919) 868-0643 or via email at

Website HERE.

Brunswick County Senior Resources, Inc. (BSRI)

Brunswick County Senior Resources, Inc. (BSRI) is a local non-profit that helps meet the needs of people over 50 in Brunswick County by offering active lifestyle activities while continuing to provide resources and support to help navigate the aging process. BSRI receives funding from federal, state, and local entities, as well as philanthropic donations. Additionally, BSRI operates businesses that provide supportive revenue to expand programs beyond existing resource allocations.

For more details go to BSRI’s website HERE or check out their resource guide HERE.

Brunswick County Library