Public Beach Accesses

Public parking (for golf carts/electric vehicles) is available at most beach accesses. The map below provides information about the approximate number of parking spaces at each of the beach accesses that have parking.

Please be sure not to park at the entrances of the emergency vehicle accesses and make sure that your golf cart is completely off of the pavement and that there is ample space for emergency vehicles to get through.

Handicapped beach accesses:
Beach Access #15 (information about borrowing a beach wheelchair can be found HERE).

NOTE: This access is no longer a handicapped access due to sand building up on the path to the beach. The Village has since received a CAMA access grant to build a new access. The Village is currently exploring a location to build the access. Until this new access is complete, the emergency vehicle accesses can be used (see below). BA #42 would be the shortest path to the beach. A beach wheelchair is recommended.

Emergency vehicle accesses (please do not block the entrances):
Beach Access #11, #24B, #35, #42.
These accesses do not have steps and/or ramps.