Golf Cart/Electric Vehicle Registration


The initial registration of a golf cart/electric vehicle (first time on the island, initial application) must be completed at the Department of Public Safety with staff.  Measurements of the cart/vehicle must be taken to ensure compliance with the current Village Ordinance. Carts/ electric vehicles must meet ALL requirements as specified in Village Ordinance. Staff shall affix a numbered sticker to the lowest, most clearly visible point on the front left side of the cart/ electric vehicle and one sticker on the rear of the cart/electric vehicle. The small yearly sticker will be placed on the surface of the registration sticker in the bottom corner.

Per Village Ordinance, liability coverage must be provided during registration. The coverage must meet the standards set by the NCDMV.  This can be accomplished by the golf cart/electric vehicle owner attesting to said insurance requirements by providing a copy of the policy.

Initial registration CANNOT be completed online.


To complete your online registration, you will need your insurance policy and a credit card.

Please inspect your cart registration number before affixing a yearly renewal sticker.  If your cart number is torn, faded, peeling or damaged in any way, please choose the option to pick up your annual registration sticker at the Department of Public Safety. At that time, you will also be provided a new cart sticker.

Registrations are due by January 1 each year.

2024 Registrations