Commercial Review Board


The Village Council is seeking members for the newly created Commercial Review Board.  Applications are due to the Village Clerk by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 8, 2023.

Below is a description straight from the draft Commercial Design Standards:

The Commercial Review Board (CRB) is established by the Village of Bald Head Island to administer the Design Standards and to review all applications for new construction and renovations on any properties in commercially zoned districts.

The CRB is composed of a five-person voting board, with two alternates who may replace any absent or disqualified member at any meeting. Members of the CRB are appointed by the Village Council. Council should give priority to persons with backgrounds in Planning, Development, Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, or Construction. Board members sit for staggered three-year terms with two members and alternate being appointed in odd-numbered years and three members and alternate being appointed in even numbered years. In appointing the initial CRB, council shall appoint two regular members and one alternate to an initial term that expires June 30, 2025, and three regular members and one alternate to an initial term that expires June 30, 2026, in order to create staggered terms. Council may fill vacancies for unexpired terms only.

The CRB will be advised by a licensed architect contracted by the Village and by the CRB administrator, who shall be appointed by the Village Manager. Both are non-voting positions.

The CRB will hold an organizing meeting annually in the month of August. At that meeting, the CRB will elect one of its members to serve as chair and preside over the board’s meetings and one member to serve as vice-chair to serve as acting chair in the absence of the chair. The persons so designated will serve in these capacities for one year and are eligible for reelection.

Other than the organizing meeting, meetings of the CRB will be held pursuant to a regular schedule set at the organizing meeting or adopted at any properly noticed meeting thereafter or at the call of the chair within 60 days of submittal of a complete application, as determined by the CRB administrator. All meetings of the CRB are open to the public. The board will keep minutes of its procedures, showing the vote of each member upon each question, or, if absent or failing to vote, an indication of such fact and final disposition of all matters before the board, all of which shall be of public record.

A quorum shall consist of more than one half of the appointed members of the CRB eligible to vote, including any alternate seated to replace an absent or disqualified member, present for any meeting. Once the existence of a quorum is established, votes may proceed by simple majority of the members present at the meeting

CRB approval is required prior to undertaking any new construction, exterior renovations, or site work. When reviewing a submitted set of plans, the CRB may require compliance with requirements that, although not itemized specifically, are supported by sections of the Design Standards, or agreed upon by the applicant.

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