Planning Board

Staff Liaison

Stephen Boyett,
Development Services Administrator

The Planning Board is a citizen’s advisory board.  It makes recommendations to the Village Council about the Village’s development ordinances and specific development projects which must receive approval by the Council before proceeding.   A list of responsibilities and duties of the Planning Board can be found in the Village ordinance.

Members of the Planning Board are appointed by the Village Council.  The Planning Board consists of five members and two alternates, at least three of whom shall be qualified voters of the Village. The two alternates substitute at meetings for absent members. 


The Planning Board holds meetings on an as-needed basis.  Meetings are announced via public notices issued by the Village Clerk. 


David Wray – Chairdwray@bhisland.comTerm: June 2022
James Clark Term: June 2020
Rich Tarplin
Term: June 2022
William “Zan” Popezanpope@gmail.comTerm: June 2022
Rodney Jackson rodney.d.jackson@gmail.comTerm: June 2022