Village Committees

Village Committees serve in an advisory capacity on an as-needed basis, studying various issues facing the island and making recommendations as requested by the Mayor or Council. 

Per the Village Council’s Rules of Procedure (Rule 32), establishment and appointment is carried out by the Council or the Mayor, if the Mayor is delegated that power by the Council, he/she may establish and appoint members for such temporary and standing Village committees and boards as are needed to help carry on the work of Village government. Any specific provisions of law relating to particular committees and boards shall be followed.

Open meetings law requirements apply to all elected or appointed authorities, boards, commission, councils, or other bodies of the Village that are composed of two (2) or more members and that exercise or are authorized to exercise legislative, policy-making, quasi-judicial, administrative, or advisory functions. However, the law’s requirements shall not apply to a meeting solely among the Village’s professional staff.

Property owners and residents may apply to join a committee. The term of commitment is generally for three years.  If you are interested in serving on a committee please fill out an application, click HERE for the Committee Appointment Application.

Below is a list of Village Committees and Task Forces, the status of each committee, meeting schedule, Council liaison, Staff liaison(s), and Chair.  To the right are links to important documents associated with the committees and task forces.

All minutes from the meetings of the committees are available upon request at the Office of the Village Clerk.  The public is welcome to attend the meetings of the committees and if any meetings are held outside of the regular schedule below a public notice will be issued by the Village Clerk.  To see recent public notices, click HERE.


Chapter 28–As Adopted

Hurricane Florence Task Force

Final Report


Vision 2025

CommitteeStatusScheduleChair Council Liaison Staff Liaison
Commercial Area Master Plan Committee
InactiveAs neededKevin ArataMayor Quinn