Commercial Area Master Plan

Welcome to the Village of Bald Head Island’s Commercial Area Master Plan project website.

The Village is preparing a master plan for all commercially zoned properties on the Island.  The purpose of the master plan is to create a framework to guide future commercial development related to buildings, parking, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, stormwater, and landscaping.  The plan may result in recommendations for enhancing the existing Code of Ordinances. 

A committee has been appointed by the Village Council comprised of volunteers from the community with whom property owners can share interests, opinions, and concerns.  It is anticipated that the master planning process will take approximately four months, during which the public will be invited to sessions with the design team to review the project process. 

The first meeting of the CAMPC took place on November 9, 2022. The committee members were sworn-in and the members selected Kevin Arata as chairman of the committee. After those organizational items were out of the way the planning consultants gave a presentation.

The second portion of the meeting consisted of a roundtable discussion/interview session with the committee members and commercial stakeholders that was facilitated by the planning consultants. Maps of three commercial areas of the island, the marina/historic area, mid-island area, and conservancy/east beach area were on the table to guide the discussion (view maps HERE). The consultants asked the stakeholders several questions and discussions took place on wayfinding, parking, appropriate uses, redevelopment, aesthetics, etc. with the perspective that the island will continue to grow, and having a long-term plan for these areas will ease future growing pains.

The commercial stakeholders were provided with a survey. This same survey was available online and in hardcopy from November 14, 2022, through November 30, 2022 for all island stakeholders to complete.

Commercial Area Master Plan Committee Members

  • Kevin Arata, Chair (in between long-term and new owner)
  • David Wray (planning board)
  • Chris Shank (institutional)
  • David Beam (long-term property owner)
  • Nathan McBrayer (newer property owner)
  • Dianne Reid (alternate)

Project Schedule (subject to change)

Kick-off Meeting November 9, 2022
(Public Notice)
(Zoom info)

Stakeholder Interviews
November 9, 2022

Walking/Site Tour Meeting
December 5, 2022
Public Notice

Schematic Master Plan
2nd week in January

Final Master Plan Presentation
2nd week in February

If you would like to provide additional input to the committee you can email all members by clicking the button below.

Contact the CAMP Committee