Island Package Center & Post Office

NOTICE (posted 5/31/24 @ 5:15 PM) – The barge was canceled this afternoon due to mechanical issues. This will delay delivery of packages to the island until the barge resumes service (the barge does not run on weekends). Perishables were delivered via ferry earlier today. For package status go here: Thank you for your patience.

Location & Hours

104 Lighthouse Wynd*
Bald Head Island, NC  28461
Phone: 910-457-9700

*Do not use this address for mail/packages to BHI more info HERE.

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Hours:  10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.,
Monday through Saturday*

*The IPC/PO is closed on most Village holidays.
On Saturdays between Memorial Day & Labor Day, the IPC/PO will be closed from 11-11:30 a.m.

Department Staff

Stephen Pevarnik, Lead Specialist
(910) 457-9700 ext. 1013

Nicholas Delp, Island Postal Specialist

Mary Gates, Island Postal Specialist

Justin Wenig, Island Postal Specialist

Department Info

The Village of Bald Head Island Package Center & Post Office is the destination for all of your incoming mail and packages.  We operate as a contract postal unit of the United States Postal Service.  In addition to receiving and distributing inbound packages, we also sell stamps and shipping supplies.  We ship via USPS and UPS.  We also accept pre-paid packages from UPS and FedEx.  

Helpful Reminders:

Please Pick Up Your Packages Promptly – Due to limited space in our facility on the island, please pick up your packages promptly after you know they have arrived.  If your package arrives and you are not on the island, please remember that you can always arrange for a neighbor, property manager, or other trusted individual to pick up your package.

ALL packages that are not picked up within 30 days are automatically returned to the sender, no exceptions.

Perishable Items (including meal kits) – Try to order your perishable items so they’re delivered earlier in the week because, with the barge schedule and weather, you don’t want them getting stuck in Deep Point for the weekend.

Package Tracker – Since the timing of the arrival of FedEx/UPS packages to the island is dependent upon the arrival of the packages at Deep Point relative to the barge running (which can be delayed by weather and does NOT run on Saturdays & Sundays) the best way to know if a package is on the island is to check its status using the Village’s package tracker.  The package tracker can be accessed online HERE.  Please note, the Village no longer sends out messages about package status to customers that do not have a PO box.

Oversized Items – Oversized items that are not shipped by FedEx or UPS, such as sofas or sectionals, are usually shipped via a common carrier.  The IPC does not accept these items. These items will need to be shipped to the Bald Head Island Warehouse at Deep Point Marina, barged over to the island, and then trucked to their island destination. BHI Club members can contact Bald Head Island Warehouse at 910-457-5007 to arrange the shipping and delivery of these items. If you have any questions please give the Island Package Center & Post Office a call so that staff can assist you.

First-Class Mail for Non-PO Box Holders – Residents who do not have a PO Box can collect first class mail at the Island Package Center counter.  The IPC/PO holds this mail for only TWO WEEKS.  After that time, it will be returned to the sender.  If you have been receiving mail at the IPC/PO for your BHI address, please pick it up in a timely manner so that it does not get sent back. 

Additionally, the IPC/PO receives mail that is unexpected or unwanted that is never picked up, is continuously received, and repeatedly sent back to the sender.  The IPC/PO would rather you, as the unintended/unwanted recipient, pick up the mail before it goes back AND communicate to the sender that this is either not the appropriate address or that you don’t want the mail or solicitation anymore.  This will save time and trees.  Thank you for your help!

VIDEO: Tips for Using the IPC/PO