Assistant Village Manager

Contact Information

Jae Kim
(910) 457-9700 ext. 1003


Jae Kim came on board with the Village on August 18, 2021.  Kim came to us from Spring Hope, North Carolina where he served as Town Manager for 5 years.  He received his Master of Public Affairs (MPA) at UNC Greensboro. His concentration was in local government.  Jae’s undergraduate degree in Political Science also came from UNCG.  He started his local government career as a town planner in Aberdeen, North Carolina, and then worked as a management intern in Robbins, North Carolina, and a special projects coordinator in Carthage, North Carolina before landing in Spring Hope and being promoted to Town Manager.  

Village Role:

The Assistant Village Manager focuses primarily on, among other duties & responsibilities at the direction of the Village Manager, the continued development and ongoing implementation of both long- and short-range shoreline protection strategies for the island. 

This includes the management of a variety of construction and related beach nourishment and estuarine shoreline projects, identify trends and issues, maintaining data and records on inlet & creek conditions working closely with other Village Departments such as the Public Services Department, local, state, and federal agencies, and public officials on shoreline protection efforts.  The Assistant Village Manager is responsible for the development and administration of the shoreline protection budget.  The Assistant Village Manager is responsible for coordinating and developing communications between all stakeholders involved with shoreline management to include the Army Corps of Engineers, NC Division of Coastal Management, NC Ports Authority, and other State and Federal environmental officials.

The Assistant Village Manager serves as one of the Village’s CAMA Local Permit Officers and provides technical assistance to Village Council, staff, and property owners on beach & creek-related issues & concerns.