Current Opportunities

Thank you for your interest The Village is currently accepting proposals for its wastewater collection system duplex lift stations. Please view the entire RFP below.

Central Main (7.5Hp, 460/3/60),
West Bald Head Wynd Main (5Hp, 240/1/60)
and Primary Main (15 Hp, 460/3/60)

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Project Contact: JP McCann, Public Services Director

Email: jmccann@villagebhi.org

Phone Number: 910-457-9700 ext. 1000

Date of Release: September 6, 2022

Due Date: September 23, 2022, 3:00 pm

The Village of Bald Head Island, North Carolina (“Village”) is soliciting responses to this advertisement, Request for Proposals (RFP) for the maintenance of three of the Village’s Wastewater Collection System Duplex Lift Stations; Central Main (7.5Hp, 460/3/60), West Bald Head Wynd Main (5Hp, 240/1/60) and Primary Main (15 Hp, 460/3/60).

The RFP will be posted on the RFPs, RFQs, and Bids page on the Village’s website at https://villagebhi.org/departments-services/finance/rfps-rfqs-and-bids/.  For questions relating to this solicitation, please contact JP McCann, at jmccann@villagebhi.org.

The deadline for submission of a complete Request for Proposals (RFP) Package is September 23, 2022, by 3:00 pm (EST) at Village Clerk, 106 Lighthouse Wynd, Bald Head Island, North Carolina 28461.  RFP Packages must include an original signed print copy, three (3) additional printed copies, and a digital copy (Word and pdf preferred) on a portable device.

The Village reserves the right to reject any offer for failure to comply with the requirements of this notice; however, the Village may waive any minor defects or information at its discretion. The Village further reserves the right to reject all offers or award a contract that, in its judgment, is in the best interest of the Village of Bald Head Island.


The Village of Bald Head Island (Village) is approximately 3.5 square miles and is in Brunswick County, approximately 12 miles southeast of Wilmington, NC. The Village Council consists of the Mayor and four council members elected at large. The Village operates under the Council/Manager form of government. The Village has six operating departments, including Administration, Developmental Services, Finance, Human Resources, Public Services; includes Contractor Services, Utilities, and Public Works and Public Safety; includes EMS, Fire, and Police.

The Village maintains 38 Wastewater (WW) Collection duplex lift stations that range from 15hp to 2hp.  The Village is requesting proposals to refurbish three WW Collection System duplex lift stations over the next six to eight months. The base bid is to include three (3) duplex lift stations: Central Main (7.5Hp, 460/3/60), West Bald Head Wynd Main (5Hp, 240/1/60) and Primary Main (15 Hp, 460/3/60).

The Village of Bald Head Island seeks firms to submit Proposals for the maintenance of the Village’s Wastewater Collection System duplex lift stations, 7.5 (460/3/60hz), 5 (240/1/60hz) and 15 (460/3/60hz) horsepower systems including control panel replacements and wet well repairs.

Construction materials:

All lift station components will be stainless steel bolts, brackets, and assemblies. All structural connectors and support brackets will be stainless steel (SS) cabinets, hatches, safety rails, brackets, tie-downs, bolts, nuts, lock washers, and washers or rated for related use.

Wet wells will be inspected for needed repairs. Depending on the project on-site inspections all related concrete and pre-cast concrete will be either coated or replaced as needed. Pump lift rail systems shall be replaced.

Power panels and duplex pumps and all associated wiring and components will be replaced. Stopgap measures to contain sewer gases will be made to protect the power cabinet electrical systems. SCADA components are not included in this RFP.

All lumber at a minimum will be pressure-treated, ground contact rated.  A combination of pressure treated structural support and synthetic deck, surface and/or railing components is acceptable.

Railing style and spacing shall be consistent with existing lift stations on the Island. Lift station bye-pass pumping piping is required to be installed at each lift station location. There is no current bye-pass piping on any of the sites.

Extra care is required not upset adjacent equipment and vegetation in the area. Village staff will be available to identify and protect these items on request. Lay down area and equipment storage will be at the Village’s Utilities Department grounds. A site visit can be scheduled by calling or emailing JP McCann at jmccann@villagebhi.org or 1-910-457-9700.

Contained below are specific questions that may be asked as related to the refurbishment of the Village’s WW Collection System Duplex lift stations:

  • Is SCADA or monitoring equipment included in this RFP?

NO, no SCADA or monitoring equipment is included in this RFP.

  • Are there any signage requirements?

The Village will provide signage

  • Drive/parking edging will be necessary, or the gravel will simply wash out onto the surrounding property. Could you please specify what type/ size edging you want or require?

The edging will be 4”x 6” ground contact rated pressure treated lumber and pinned with 24” length rebar pins, rebar pins to be placed every 4’. Other types of edging will be considered and can be presented as an add Alternate; specified description and unit pricing need to be included in the RFP submission.

  • Is lift station fencing included in the RFP?

No, the Village will install the required fencing once the lift station work has been completed.

Please note: All related construction, on the duplex lift stations, is to be completed by June 1, 2023.

The selected firm(s) will demonstrate experience and excellence in completing projects that encompass:

• Municipal construction and/or refurbishment of collection system duplex lift stations.

• Proven experience installing collection system by-pass piping and refurbishing collection system duplex lift stations.


• Conduct a preliminary survey of the Village’s WW Collection System Lift Station locations, see attached map.

Provide pricing for materials and labor and meet with Village staff for review and approval to proceed that include:

  • review WW Collection System Duplex Lift Station sites, call to make an appointment.
  • recommendations for maintenance approach
  • recommendations for wet well maintenance, coatings verse pre-cast section replacements
  • consider driveways and property impacts, as well as on-site maneuverability.
  • provide feasible alternatives in materials and designs.

All barge scheduling and fees will be the responsibility of the contractor Logistics for this project includes meeting all applicable local standards in the Village of Bald Head Island required project and vehicular permitting.


The proposed project timeline is as follows:

September 6, 2022            Post RFP

September 15, 2022          RFP Questions due to Village

September 23, 2022          Bid Opening

September 26, 2022          Bid Tabulation Sheet available

October 21, 2022               Notice of Award Issued

October 21, 2022               Notice to Proceed

June 1, 2023                      Completion of the WW Collection System Duplex Lift Station Maintenance


When drafting responses to this RFP, firms should provide information that would allow staff to evaluate them based on the evaluation criteria listed in the next section. In order for a proposal to be considered, it must include the following items:

  1. Commonly used business name of the firm and the name of the legal entity that would enter a contract with the Village (if different).
  2. Contact information including the name, phone number, and email address of the primary contact person.
  3. Address of the office of the company managing and implementing construction.
  4. Certificate of Insurance.
  5. The company’s contractor’s license number.
  6. A brief written description of the project approach to completing the job.
  7. A brief written description, the multidisciplinary nature of the team assembled for this project, and any other relevant details about the team assembled to carry out the work.
  8. A list of comparable projects undertaken by the team members to include references and contact information.


The following factors will be used in the initial evaluation process:

  1. Does the firm and their staff working on this project have experience with comparable projects?
  2. Does the firm have knowledge and experience working with applicable regulatory agencies?
  3. How substantial is the firm’s experience in providing similar services for a Village, or Town of comparable size and complexity?
  4. Has the firm worked for the Village in the past and if so, when and in what capacity? Was the work satisfactory to the Village? Was the work finished on time and within budget?
  5. Does the firm’s organizational structure support the objectives?
  6. Does the firm have a solid understanding of the community needs, the project specific issues, and their responsibility in delivering services for the advertised project?


A committee of Village staff will review all submittals. The committee will evaluate the information provided jointly and may request an interview with the short-listed companies. The selected contractor will review the scope of services to the satisfaction of the committee. The committee will review the cost proposal including specific detail on direct labor costs, miscellaneous fees, overhead, etc., to finalize details of an agreement or contract. In the event Village staff and the selected contractor cannot come to an agreement within a reasonable amount of time as determined by the Village, negotiations will be terminated, and the next most qualified firm will be contacted.


The following terms and conditions apply to this RFP, and by submitting its proposal, the

firms agree to them without exception:

  1. Neither this RFP nor the Village’s consideration of any proposal shall create any contract, express or implied, and contractual obligation by the Village to any company, or any other obligation by the Village to any entities. The Village makes no promise, express or implied, regarding whether it will enter a Service Contract with any companies or regarding the manner in which it will consider proposals.
  2. The Village will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by companies in preparing and submitting a proposal, or in engaging in oral presentations, discussions, or negotiations.
  3. Companies/contractors’ submitting a proposal in response to the RFP may be required to make an oral presentation or oral presentations of their proposals to the Village at their own expense. The Village may request the presence of the contractor(s) representatives(s) at this presentation.

By submitting this proposal, the companies agree to make these representatives reasonably available to the Village and acknowledge that the failure to do so may result in the proposal not being considered.

  • The Village reserves the right to waive any informality with respect to any proposal submitted in response to this RFP.
  • The Village reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals received by reason of this requires, in whole or in part, and to negotiate separately in any manner necessary to serve the best interests of the Village.
  • Any confidential and proprietary information provided to the Village by the firms pursuant to this RFP shall be subject to disclosure under the North Carolina Public Records law.
  • To prevent the release of any confidential and proprietary information that otherwise could be held in confidence, the firms submitting the information must:
  • Invoke the exclusion from Public Record Law when the data or materials are submitted to the Village or before such submission,
  • Identify the data and materials for which protection from disclosure is sought, and
  • State why the exclusion from disclosure is necessary.
  • The companies may request and receive a determination from the Village as to the anticipated scope of protection prior to submitting the proposal. The Village is authorized and obligated to protect only confidential proprietary information, and thus will not protect any portion of a proposal from disclosure if the entire proposal has been designated confidential by the firms without reasonably differentiating between the proprietary and nonproprietary information contained therein.
    • The Village will not discriminate against any companies/contractors because of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other basis prohibited by state law relating to discrimination in employment.
  • This RFP with all attachments and the firm’s responses may become part of the Service Contract as determined by the Village.


Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the words “VBHI WW Collection System Duplex Lift Station Refurbishment Project” on the face of the envelope. Proposals must be signed in ink by an authorized representative of the firm. The company/contractor shall provide one (1) original proposal, (3) copies and (1) electronic copy on a portable device.

Deliver proposals to Bald Head Island Village Clerk at the following location:

Physical Address:            Village of Bald Head Island
Attention: Village Clerk
106 Lighthouse Wynd
Bald Head Island, NC 28461

Proposals must be complete when submitted, including a cover sheet and all attachments. Proposals or amendments to proposals received by the Village after the closing date and time will not be considered. Actual receipt by the Village and not the mailing or sending date shall control.

Written questions and requests for clarification shall be submitted no later than September 15, 2022.

To the extent Village of Bald Head Island determines to respond to questions and requests for clarification, responses and any supplemental instructions will be in the form of a posted addendum, which if issued, will be available at the Village website to all firms holding this RFP no later than September 19, at 3:00 p.m. All addenda shall become part of the RFP. Proposals must be received no later than September 23, at 3:00 pm. Requests for extensions of this date will not be granted except by written amendment to the RFP applicable to all prospective companies/contractors. All are encouraged to carefully examine the RFP for discrepancies, errors, omissions, or ambiguities. Any questions concerning the requirements of the RFP should be directed to JP McCann, at email jmccann@villagebhi.org. The information required by this RFP must be complete and the companies/contractors’ submittal must “stand alone.”