Public Notices

Meeting Notices

Special Meeting – Village Council – July 29, 2021

Notice of Public Meeting – Informational – August 6, 2021

Special Meeting – Planning Board – September 28, 2021

Notice of Public Meeting – Informational – October 13, 2021

Notice of Public Meeting Change – October 22, 2021

Public Hearing Notices

Public Hearing – Ordinance to Amend the Code of Ordinances to Make Conforming Amendments Related to the Combination of the Utilities and Public Works Department into the Public Services Department – August 20, 2021

Public Hearing – Bond Order Authorizing the Issuance of $54,000,000 Public Transportation Bonds of the Village of Bald Head Island

Public Hearing – An Ordinance to Enact a New Section of the Village Code of Ordinances Regulating Helicopter Landings – October 22, 2021

Bid Advertisements

Information about RFPs, RFQs, & Bids can be found HERE.

Property Notices

Public Notice – Advertisement for Sealed Bids for the Sale of Certain Property (posted 4/2/21)

Other Notices

Notice of Adoption of Bond Order – 9/13/2021

Notice of Bond Referendum – 9/13/2021

About Public Notices

Public notices are issued by the Village for the following purposes:

  1. To notify the public of a public hearing or a quasi-judicial hearing. 
  2. To notify the public of a special meeting.
  3. To notify the public that a meeting has been recessed to another date and time.
  4. To notify the public regarding certain finance matters such as advertising for formal bids, advertising of tax liens, economic development activities, and some types of financing.
  5. To notify the public regarding other matters such as special assessments, street closings, annexation, sale of property, land use, zoning and developmental regulations, and others required by North Carolina General Statute.

Once issued, public notices will remain on this webpage for a minimum of three months after being posted.  Utility notices are posted on the Utilities webpage HERE.

If you would like to receive public notices directly from the Village, please contact the Village Clerk at Please include the words “Sunshine List” in the subject of your email.