Public Service Auxiliary

In 2001, the Public Service Auxiliary was formed as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization designed to support Bald Head Island first responders before the Fire/EMS and the Police Department was merged into the Bald Head Island Public Safety Department. When they began, there were 20+ members, some of whom were also serving as Volunteer Firemen.

Purposes of the Public Service Auxiliary (PSA):

  • Provide a vehicle by which citizens might donate money to the Public Safety Department to show appreciation for their medical and/or fire-fighting assistance or just to supplement the Department for various equipment needs not covered by the Village budget in any given year.


No upcoming events. Thank YOU to all who attended the chili supper and pub crawl fundraisers!

  • Assist the Public Safety Department in the event of a major fire. The Public Safety Department has assisted in these events over the years by setting up a command center at the fire station and responding to communications from the fire site for additional oxygen, food, and water, and clothing and supplies for homeowners.

  • Aid in setting up Hurricane preparedness training and any necessary notifications to homeowners following a hurricane that may have resulted in property damage.

  • Offer an Annual Chili Supper to raise additional funds to support the Public Safety Department.

Since 2001, the Public Service Auxiliary has worked diligently alongside the Public Safety Department during major house fires. The members of PSA have offered Hurricane Preparedness Training workshops for property owners and/or visitors. They meet approximately four times each year to be trained on such topics as CPR, response procedures in case of fire, and “fire watches” following an event.

Donations can be sent to:
Public Service Auxiliary
PO Box 3255
Bald Head Island, NC 28461

NOTE: Donations specifically for the Ladder Truck should be sent to PO Box 3276.

Federal Tax ID: 56-2167425

For more information contact:
Cam McIntyre, President