Vial of Life/File of Life Program

A medical emergency may come with little warning and may make it difficult for a person to think clearly or possibly even unable to speak. Emergency personnel who respond to help the person need to know important information such as the person’s name, medications being taken, allergies to medications, current and past medical conditions, hearing, and vision difficulties, and who to notify about the emergency.   

The Department of Public Safety is re-launching the Vial of Life program and is now giving folks the option to participate in the File of Life program as an alternative. Both programs are simple and allow individuals to have medical information ready for emergency personnel to reference during an emergency.

For Vial of Life, a person completes a form which is then folded up and stored in an empty vial or pill bottle in the refrigerator. A Vial of Life bright red sticker is placed on the refrigerator door to alert the BHI Public Safety emergency responders that a vial is stored inside. 

For File of Life, a person completes a form, folds it up, and places it in the magnetic file folder. The bright red magnetic folder is then affixed to the refrigerator door to alert the BHI Public Safety emergency responders to the information in the file.

Islanders can stop by the Department of Public Safety to pick up a vial, a blank form, and the sticker/magnet for your refrigerator Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. If you have already participated in the Vial of Life program, please take a moment to review your Vial of Life form to make sure it is up to date, if it is not, you can update it at the Department of Public Safety or download the form by clicking the button below.  The Village will be using one form for both programs so that the Public Safety Officers only need to be familiar with one form.

A special thank you to Walgreens located at 5098 Southport Supply Rd SE in Southport for generously donating the vials for the Vial of Life program.

Vial of Life/File of Life Form