How to Coexist with Coyotes

Coyote sightings have increased over the last couple of years, to the point where they had begun eating eggs from sea turtle nests.  Attacks on humans are very rare and seeing one should not be cause for alarm.  If you see a coyote frequently you may want to take the following steps to prevent future conflicts with them and other wildlife:

  • Coyotes and other wildlife scavenge trash.  Make sure that your trash bins are secure. It may be a good idea to put the trash out in the morning rather than leaving it out overnight.
  • Close off crawl spaces.
  • Don’t be intimidated when you see a coyote.  Maintain its wariness for people by throwing an object at it, making a loud noise, or spraying it with a hose.  Let it know that it is unwelcome near your home.
  • Don’t feed coyotes.  Doing so rewards them for being close to people.  Over time a coyote will lose its wariness of people and may become aggressive.
  • Keep your pets inside, leashed, or inside a fenced area.
  • Feed pets indoors only.
  • Use bird feeders that keep seeds off the ground.  If you see coyotes around remove your birdfeeders.
  • Clear fallen fruit from around trees.

Source: NC Wildlife Resources Commission