Sand Bag Project Underway

The Village of Bald Head Island has obtained State CAMA (Coastal Area Management Act) and Army Corps of Engineers Structural Erosion Control/Emergency Sandbag Permits to assist the Shoals Club with its efforts to stabilize the shoreline erosion at 100 Station House Way. This area of the island is eligible for this permit as part of the State Ports Inlet Management Areas. This allows daylight placement of sandbags after daily clearance from the Bald Head Island Conservancy Turtle Patrol.

A 500-foot section of shoreline will be inaccessible during construction so getting from south beach to east beach or vice versa will not be possible during workhours for the duration of the project. This project started today and is expected to take one and a half months. For your safety, please give clearance to work areas. The Village will provide updates throughout the project.