Village Council Responds to Requests for Information

At the Village’s April 19 Council meeting, several citizens expressed a desire for greater information concerning the Village’s pending legal efforts regarding the future of the Transportation System.  The Village prepared a status chart of the pending matters, (HERE) which will be updated.  The Village previously communicated about the importance of these matters to the public and the future of the Island.

While the Village wishes to provide as much information as it reasonably can, the nature of litigation is such that certain information should not and cannot be shared.  Such information includes that subject to attorney-client privilege, produced under confidential or attorney’s eyes-only designations, or strategy.

The Village will make available substantive filings, such as legal briefs, on the matters.  Some filings are subject to confidentiality orders and may not be disclosed. 

Because of the foregoing considerations, sensitivity, and importance of the ongoing litigations, after consultation with legal counsel, and continued discussion during the April 26 meeting, the Village Council has determined that a Town Hall would not be an appropriate format to discuss pending litigation. 

We encourage members of the public that have general questions concerning the Village’s legal efforts to submit them to the Village’s Public Information Officer Carin Faulkner at by Friday, May 10, 2024. The Village will respond in Q&A format, as it is able, with the goal of addressing the requests of those who spoke at the April 19 meeting before the next Council meeting (May 17).

The Village continues to be open to finding a collaborative solution to the Transportation System resolution and to working with Limited and or SharpVue in that regard.

Thank you again for your patience and investment in securing the best possible solution for our community.