Village of Bald Head Island

Public Works


Public Works

Director:  Ben Liddle
Phone:  910-457-5422
Fax: 910-457-7352

Yard Debris Pick-Up

From Memorial Day to Labor Day yard debris pickup is twice a month on the first and third Wednesday. From Labor Day to Memorial Day yard debris pickup is once a month on the first Wednesday of the month.

No limbs larger than 6 inches in diameter at its largest point. Piles should be left on the roadside.

Call 457-5422 or 457-9700 to request pickup no later than 2:00PM on the day before pickup or you will be moved to the next pickup day. You must call in or it will not be picked up.

This service is free to residents on the Island that do their own yard work. If you have a contractor/landscaper do the work they are responsible to remove the debris. Please be aware that we are not a lot clearing service, the house must be occupied to use this service. If we see a contractor/landscaper doing the work we are not responsible to pick up the debris. Please Do Not Abuse This Service.


The commingle recycle and cardboard recycle cans are available 24 hours a day and are located outside the gate at the Public Works facility. Recycling is only effective if it is done correctly. The commingle recycle can accepts aluminum cans, only #2 plastic, paper, glass, magazines, and junk mail. The cardboard can only accepts cardboard. Absolutely no construction material, garbage, food, lawn chairs, and other miscellaneous items that we have found. If the container is contaminated with non recyclable items it will be rejected at the landfill and the Village will be charged a fee to dump the container.

Regular Trash Collection

Trash collection between Labor Day and Memorial Day is once a week. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day trash pick up is twice a week. If you have trash you must turn your yes/no sign to yes and, if you do not, leave on no. If the sign is not on yes, the garbage truck will not stop. If you lose your sign or need a new one you can pick one up at Public Works.

Public trash receptacles are picked up twice a week (Monday and Friday) all year. The public trash receptacles are for people to use when they are coming off the beach or riding around the island and have trash to dispose of. These receptacles are not to be used for household trash. 

Additional Site Hours

We are open Monday through Friday from 11:00AM to 2:00PM. We are also open Saturday and Sunday from 7:00AM to 2:00PM. Excess household trash and larger items can be brought to the recycle center at this time. When you arrive at the center come inside the gate and staff will assist you. We do not accept construction debris, or yard debris. When the site is closed, Do not discard trash or any other items outside the gate and absolutely no cardboard, construction material, paint, and yard debris.

Special Pick ups

You can request a special pick up for larger items or numerous items that you can’t get to the recycle center. To request a special pick up call 910-457-5422 or 910-457-9700. Please give sufficient notice so we can schedule your pick up. No construction debris or yard debris.

Special pickups are $50.00 per truck load.

Additional Information

Please under no circumstances leave trash or other items outside the gate when we are closed. There are trash cans outside the gate to leave excess trash. These trash cans are not meant for paint, lawn chairs, construction debris, or yard debris.

Please help us keep that area clean.