COVID-19 Update

Key Information:  

  • Phase 2 will now last until at least September 11, 2020
  • Current case numbers for Brunswick County
    What to do if you are on Bald Head Island and have symptoms of COVID-19
    – IPC/PO Use During the Pandemic

NC will be in Phase 2 into September – North Carolina remains under the Phase 2 extension and will be in this phase for at least another five weeks (at least until September 11, 2020).  Under this phase, folks are encouraged to stay at home, especially vulnerable populations. Per the Governor’s Phase 2 Executive Order most folks must wear face coverings/masks in indoor and outdoor public places where social distancing is not possible.  An additional Executive Order prohibits the sale of alcohol between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. in establishments that are selling it for onsite consumption. The Village strongly recommends that folks continue to practice the 3 W’s while in public and to be courteous to others. 

Current Case Numbers for Brunswick County – As of August 5, there are 1,214 positive cases of COVID-19 among Brunswick County residents.  Of the positive cases, 901 are considered recovered, 283 are isolating, thirteen are isolating at a hospital, and seventeen are deaths associated to COVID-19.

There are 16 cases involving non-residents who tested positive for COVID-19 while visiting Brunswick County, resulting in their contacts having to quarantine as well; these cases are not reflected in the County’s total case counts. Nine of the cases are considered recovered, two of the cases are currently isolating at home or in a hospital. The County has transferred monitoring for three cases to the individuals’ home counties, and two are deaths associated to COVID-19.

Updated COVID-19 statistics for Brunswick County can be found HERE


What to do if you are on BHI & are Symptomatic for COVID-19 – If you are on Bald Head Island and are symptomatic and have been told by a physician that you need to be tested, please call 911.  As always, tell the operator you are on Bald Head Island.  This will ensure that if you are symptomatic and in need of testing that Public Safety can coordinate your care with the least amount of exposure to others.  If you think you are sick, please do not come directly to the Public Safety Building.

The Village has protocols in place to ensure that known or suspected cases will be isolated and appropriate precautions are taken by Public Safety Officers.  The Village is following CDC, NC Department of Health & Human Services (NCDHHS), and County Health Service guidelines.

Using the IPC/PO During COVID-19 – The Village is requesting all customers who enter the Island Package Center & Post Office to wear a mask.  The Village is also requesting that islanders and visitors reduce the number of shipments to the IPC during the pandemic.  The Village has requested that residents order only essential items (like medicine).  Some non-essential items are bikes, entertainment items, electronics, furniture, and home décor.