Next Tuesday’s LGC Meeting on BHITA Application for $56,144,303.30 Financing

The Local Government Commission (LGC) at its May 4, 2021 meeting will be considering Bald Head Island Transportation Authority’s $56,144,303.30 revenue bond financing to purchase the Transportation Assets of Bald Head Island Limited and operate the Authority.  The meeting begins at 1:30 p.m.  and will be available online.  Online attendees must register in advance HERE (scroll down to the May 4th meeting and click on the GotoWebinar link).  A link to the full agenda can be found HERE.   The BHITA agenda item is HERE.  

This is a public meeting, not a public hearing, so the LGC has discretion regarding who may speak during this meeting.  All attendees will be muted and when registering must include their name and email address.  This will allow the moderator of the meeting to identify individuals and unmute them if any questions arise or if the LGC has allowed a period for comments.  At this time, attendance in person is limited and it is not known whether representatives from the Village will be able to attend in Raleigh. 

In anticipation of this meeting, and to satisfy the LGC’s policy requiring written comments to be submitted at least seven business days prior to the scheduled meeting, the Village Council expressed its concerns about the proposed acquisition in THIS LETTER to the LGC.  Bald Head Island citizens have since submitted other letters which can be found on the Village’s website on the BHITA Documents page HERE (under Correspondence).  The BHITA Documents webpage includes all documents associated with BHITA’s application to the LGC.