Update on New Village Hall Project

The Village received bids for the construction of a new Village Hall on Friday, October 22, 2021. Two bids were received, and both were significantly higher than the projected cost of $1.9M.  In addition to being above budget, the lowest bidder did not submit the required bid bond and that bid was considered “non-responsive.”  Therefore, the architect and staff could not recommend an award at this time. 

The Village will be waiting to rebid the project at a more appropriate time given the current climate with high costs for labor and materials.  Additionally, staff will be working on “value engineering” of the project to look at other ways to reduce the overall costs.  When the plans are put out to bid in the future the Village would also like to give prospective contractors more time to vet out the construction costs.  When the time is appropriate to rebid the project the Village will be sure to communicate in a future update on the project.