Update on Storm Impacts

This is an update on the announcement the Village sent earlier today regarding the tropical storm warning.

Bald Head Island Transportation, Inc. has issued the following statement:

Please be advised that we are expecting cancelations this weekend due to the upcoming storm. At current projections the Coast Guard will be shutting down the river at 1 am tonight.  This is liable to change throughout the night.  We will be making frequent updates as we learn more. Monitor our website for further updates.  If you are traveling Friday plans may be affected.

The website for BHI Transportation can be found HERE.

Given the situation with the ferries, Village offices will be closed tomorrow (Friday, 9/21). This includes Village Hall, the Island Package Center and Post Office and Public Safety administration.  Most staff will be working remotely so your call to the Village will be answered.

Please call 911 if you need a Public Safety Officer to come to you.  

The status of the Island Package Center/Post Office for Saturday is yet to be determined.  Please check the package tracker (HERE) for status of packages and our social media and IPC/PO webpage (HERE), for any status updates.

If you experience a power outage during the storm HERE is some guidance on how to report your outage to Duke Energy.  Please report all outages as they may not know your power it out.  Please use the after hours number to report any water or sewer issues (910-616-7716).