Update on Village stormwater management efforts

This week, the Village received a total of approximately 4 ½” – 5” inches of rainfall.  Since it has been a while since the Island has received this much rainfall in a short period of time, the Village would like to update folks on what actions the Village takes when there are heavy rains and mild flooding conditions.

When there is heavy rain, Village staff regularly checks water levels in various lagoons and areas that are known to pond up and cause issues on Village property – Village wynds – to be exact.  If hazards are present, the Village may close the wynds and road closure notices will be communicated to the public.  During the event, the Village is in contact with the Bald Head Island Club for any coordinated actions in moving lagoon water off-island. Many of the lagoons along the golf course are connected and can be managed by moving water to the Village’s bypass lagoon where water can be let out to Bald Head Creek. One end of the bypass lagoon has a weir gate that the Village can use to control the flow of water from the lagoons and off-island.  When the water levels are abnormally high, the weir gate at the bypass lagoon is opened to release water off the island.

Two six-inch pumps are on-hand to respond to significant flooding events.

The Village does not have the capability to install pumps everywhere they are needed, the Village cannot pump on private property and is only authorized to pump when certain conditions exist.  Donations were made back in 2018-19 following Hurricane Florence to the Village to purchase pump equipment including two 4-inch diesel pumps, hoses, fittings, connectors, and other stormwater-related items that were purchased.  This equipment, in addition to the 10-inch, and 6-inch pumps remains in the Village’s inventory for use when responding and recovering to significant flooding events such as Hurricane Florence.

Two 4-inch diesel pumps are available to respond to major flooding.

In 2019, the Hurricane Florence Task Force (HFTF) provided Village staff with several recommendations regarding stormwater management on BHI. This resulted in several stormwater projects that have been budgeted and some are yet to be completed. For more information about the Village’s stormwater management plans and projects, please go to the Village Projects webpage HERE.

This road crossover can be used to pump floodwater from one side of the road to the other. This eliminates the need to have hoses running across the road.

As of this afternoon, the Island’s wynds are looking much better.