Bike Patrol Unit

The Department of Public Safety started the Bike Patrol Unit in 2018.  It was formed to build community relationships and provide a positive visual example of safe bike riding.  When it started, the unit had only two officers, it now has four trained officers. The unit is mostly active from March through November and patrols during the remaining months when the temperatures are mild. The unit typically patrols three districts, the Marina District, the Market District, and the Conservancy District.  The bike patrol officers will also periodically ride the beach roads when staffing allows.    Two of the four patrol bikes are standard police mountain bikes and two are power assist bikes.  All four are outfitted with emergency lights, siren, and basic medical or first aid gear. 

Assignment to the unit is voluntary for BHI Public Safety Officers. To join the unit, you must take a minimum of a 40-hour International Police Mountain Biking Association certification course.  It is a strenuous weeklong course that mixes classroom and practical skills.  The skills component of the course includes riding over and around obstacles, endurance riding, police tactics from the bike, and community policing.  There is interest from other PSOs to join the unit and the department is hoping to send them to training over the next few years.

BHI Bike Patrol Unit left to right: PSO Paul Homick, PSO Jacob LeBer, PSO Rob Miller and Sergeant Steven Barger (team leader).