Golf Cart Safety Tips

Golf cart accidents do happen on Bald Head Island. Some have even required medical attention.  The following are a few safety practices all cart drivers should be advised of:

  • Golf cart drivers must have a valid driver’s license (unlicensed drivers have caused accidents here – please follow this ordinance, drivers will be ticketed);
  • Driving while impaired is a violation of North Carolina law – this is the law on Bald Head Island, too; driving with an open alcohol container is also illegal on Bald Head Island;
  • Use seat belts;
  • Obey all road signs – especially stop signs;
  • Avoid quick turns and sudden stops and starts as these can cause passengers to fall out of carts. Broken limbs, life-threatening head injuries and deaths have occurred as a result of such falls;
  • The speed limit throughout the Village is 18 mph. Some designated areas have 5 mph limits. Because most golf carts have no speedometer, PLEASE drive SLOWLY and carefully;
  • Generously share island roadways with pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Plan ahead – make sure you leave for the ferry on time, so you are not speeding to catch it!