Stingrays can be found hiding just under the sand in warm shallow water.

  • A stingray’s natural defense reflex is to flip their tail and inject their painful keratin barb if stepped on.  This will tear your skin and can result in painful infections. 
  • To avoid stepping on a stingray, the BHI Conservancy recommends that you do the “stingray shuffle” – instead of picking your feet up with each step, slide your feet along the sand when you are in the ocean.  Your movement will kick up sand and send vibrations through the water scaring the stingrays away.
  • If you have stepped on a stingray seek medical attention by going to the on-island clinic.  Sometimes the tip of a barb can break off and remain embedded in your skin.  It is best to wait and have a medical professional remove this for you.

Source: BHI Conservancy