Beach Forecast

Always Know Before You Go!

Swimming in the ocean is not anything like swimming in an indoor/outdoor swimming pool, pond, or lake. There are unique hazards to swimming in the ocean and weather is one of them. The good news is that there are weather experts at the National Weather Service who predict the weather for our area and determine if it is safe to swim. Every time you want to swim in the ocean check the beach forecast, KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!

Above is a snapshot of the National Weather Service’s beach forecast webpage which will provide you with a visual representation of the current rip current risk for area beaches. Bald Head Island is southeast of Southport and there are two umbrellas, one representing South Beach and one for East Beach. You can click on the umbrellas for detailed information on beach conditions. Beachgoers can also access the surf forecast HERE which includes additional information such as surf height, thunderstorm potential, high tide time, and water temperature (make sure to scroll down to the “Coastal Brunswick” forecast). Current conditions can be viewed on the Bald Head Island Conservancy’s weather station webpage HERE (operated by the NC State Climate Office & located at the BHI Club).