Bee City USA

In October 2023, Mayor Quinn signed a resolution adopted by the Village Council designating Bald Head Island as a Bee City USA. As a Bee City USA, the Village of Bald Head Island is committed to protecting and expanding pollinator habitat and implementing a bee-safe integrated pest management (IPM) plan on all public spaces.

What is a Bee City USA?

The United States is home to over 3,600 native bee species, as well as introduced species such as the honeybee. Bees are very effective pollinators. In recent decades, bee populations have been in steep decline due to habitat loss and the widespread use of pesticides; up to 40% of pollinator species are at risk of extension due to human impacts. Cities across the United States are becoming Bee City USA affiliates. Bee City USA affiliates pledge to conserve native pollinators by increasing native plants, providing nesting sites, and reducing the use of pesticides.

As a Bee City USA affiliate, Bald Head Island has pledged to create and expand pollinator-friendly habitat and adopt an integrated pest management (IPM) plan designed to prevent pest problems, reduce pesticide use, and expand the use of non-chemical pest management methods. These pledges will be reflected in the Village’s Comprehensive Plan.

How You Can Help

There are two main ways every Islander can help protect native bees: increase bee habitat and decrease or stop using pesticides.

Increase Pollinator Habitat

Whether you own your own home or rent; all residents are invited to increase bee habitat through planting native plants.

You can join one of the Bald Head Association’s Resource Conservation and Beautification Committee (RCB) events to work at the pollinator garden at Marina Park, no experience is required! Sign up to receive updates from the BHA HERE to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities. Plant native plants at home. HERE is a list of plants native to Bald Head Island and HERE is an informational brochure on native plants.

Reduce Pesticide Application

Unwanted plants, insects, microbes, and animals are often killed or deterred with the use of pesticides (pesticides is an umbrella term for herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and rodent poison). Noenicotinoid, a primary chemical in many pesticides contributes to Colony Collapse Disorder. Through an integrated pest management plan, it is possible to control pests without the use of chemicals.

Think twice before using insecticides, most insects that visit your garden are beneficial insects. Learn more about the pollinators that visit your garden from the Xerces Society. If you choose to use insecticides, make sure they DO NOT contain neonicotinoids.

Eliminate herbicides at home and manage weeds naturally; chemical-free yards are good for kids, pets, and native animals and insects.

Video of the Pollinator Garden from groundbreaking to August 2023.


No events are scheduled. Please check back to see if we have anything coming up and check out some of our past events below!

Activity Reports/Documents

  • Pollinator Garden Groundbreaking – April 22, 2023 (see April 24, 2023, issue of the Village’s Voice e-newsletter HERE).
  • Pollinator Garden Expansion – October 14, 2023 (see October 24, 2023, issue of the Village’s Voice e-newsletter HERE).
  • Article – Bald Head Island’s Pollinator Garden: It Takes a Village by Betsi Stephen HERE.
  • Article – Grass Roots Effort Brings Back Butterflies & Bees (pg 82) HERE.
  • Media ReleaseVillage of Bald Head Island Becomes an Affiliate of Bee City USA
  • Event – Bees, Birds, and Butterflies Presentation – February 27, 2024 (Facebook, X, Instagram)
  • Grant Award! – On March 25, 2024, Monarch Watch awarded BHI one flat of milkweed plants for the Pollinator Garden. The plants will be shipped to the island early to mid-spring.
  • Event – Field Trip to Shelton Herb Farm – March 12, 2024 – The BHI Garden Club had a lovely outing to Shelton Herb Farm. Each attendee created a herb garden and received lots of information from Alex and Margaret (Owner). There was even a lesson on herbs for special cocktails. (See photo collage below – courtesy of Pat Miller).
  • Event – Earth Day Pollinator Event – April 5, 2024 – Native Plant Sale, Farmers Market, Colors-in-Nature Bioblitz Challenge, unveiling of Bee City USA sign.
  • Bee City USA Activity Form



Carin Faulkner, Public Information Officer/Administrative Liaison – or (910) 457-9700 ext. 1025

JP McCann, Public Services Director/Public Services Liaison – or (910) 457-5422

BHI Earth Day Pollinator Event – April 5, 2024
Field Trip to Shelton Herb Farm – March 12, 2024 (Photo collage by Pat Miller)