Proposed Projects

Frying Pan Shoals – The Village is currently working with its environmental consultant (Land Management Group) & Engineer (Olsen Associates, Inc.) to obtain permits to use Frying Pan Shoals as a borrow site for the Village’s next sand replacement project (whether it be planned or for emergency restoration).  Historically, the Village has used Jay Bird Shoals as a borrow site. As of May 2020, the permit application was under review and the review period was extended an additional 75 days. The permit application is still pending.

Wilmington Harbor Sand Management Plan (WHSMP) – Historically, the Village of Bald Head Island, Caswell Beach, and Oak Island have received sand dredged from the navigation channel per the WHSMP. The last maintenance relative to this plan, in which Bald Head Island was the recipient of sand was winter 2020/2021.

Wilmington Harbor Navigation Improvement Project (WHNIP 203) – The N.C. State Ports Authority is paying for and planning, under Section 203 of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), for a project to deepen the Cape Fear River shipping channel by about five feet to an average depth of at least 47 feet.  The Ports Authority indicated that the existing channel conditions cannot accommodate newer, larger container ships (the ships being built today are three times larger).  The Village of Bald Head Island submitted comments (link to NC State Ports Authority Section 203 Comments) regarding the proposed project in October 2019.  The Village is concerned that this project will cause significant erosion along the shoreline in South Beach much like what was experienced as a result of the most recent channel dredging and realignment.