Welcome to the Village’s media page. The Village uses several methods to communicate with various audiences. We use social media, an email subscription service, CodeRED alerts (via text, email, and phone), video programming, flyers, and media releases. For convenience, our Twitter feed is below (it may take a few seconds to load). Please scroll down for more information.

Additional information regarding access to the Village’s media content can be found below. If you have any questions you can contact Carin Faulkner, Public Information Officer via email at or by phone at (910) 457-9700 ext. 1025.


The Village uses social media as a bulletin board to reach a broad audience.

Suppose you have family members or guests who need to know about weather hazards, safety tips for driving golf carts, the Village’s ordinances, etc. In that case, we encourage you to share our social media channels with them so they can like, follow and subscribe to our channels to stay informed. If they don’t have social media, you can also send them to this webpage (

Near the top of this page, you can view the latest Twitter posts from the Village. We do our best to share the same content on Twitter and Facebook.

If you do not use social media, you can still view our channels online by clicking the links below. If you find that you want to check for Village news often, you can bookmark this page in your browser or you can bookmark this page or any of our social media channel pages to your home screen on your cell phone. This will give you instant access to our content. HERE are the instructions for Androids and iPhones.

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Residents and property owners receive direct communications via email through our subscription service which is used to send out the monthly Village’s Voice e-newsletter, a quarterly Message from the Mayor, and announcements.

The Village also uses the CodeRED notification system to send alerts via text/email/phone for emergency alerts, updates about special events (tropical storms, hurricanes), and water and sewer service notices.

If you are interested in signing up for these direct communications, please click on the logos below.

Click above to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter, quarterly Messages from the Mayor, and announcements.
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Click above to sign up for CodeRED. Please make sure you register with your BHI address.


The Village has the capability of broadcasting video content on TV screens in Village offices. Currently, TVs are installed in the Island Package Center/Post Office and Contractor Services which broadcast content created for customers who frequent those locations. There are plans to add a TV in a public area of the Department of Public Safety.

Village Hall has a TV that broadcasts video content from the Village’s YouTube playlist. You can view that content 24/7 below.


Below are a few of the flyers and info sheets that were recently posted by the Village (click on the title to view).


Future media releases from the Village will be posted below. If you are a member of the press and wish to receive our releases directly, please contact Carin Faulkner, Public Information Officer at

Our public notices are posted on a separate webpage HERE and are typically issued by the Village Clerk. If you wish to receive public notices directly, please contact Darcy Sperry, Village Clerk at Please include the words “Sunshine List” in the subject of your email.