A Message from Mayor Sayre

Dear Fellow Islanders,

After 24 years on the Village Council, I have decided to step back from government and pursue more recreational activities. I have been pleased to serve as a volunteer in the spirit of community service.

This is an unusual election season in that it appears to be dominated by one issue: our transportation system. I believe this to be unfortunate since there are so many other critical issues from channel deepening, to permitting of offshore sand borrow areas, to island infrastructure, and more.

However, our transportation system is vital to our way of life and its care and nurturing is of paramount importance. Constant vigilance and careful planning will be necessary far into the future. 

Why would we relegate that responsibility to an outside agency where the majority of members are state appointees?

The innumerable decisions that will have to be made should be made by those who live with the system and use it on a regular basis.

The system has a variety of functions: ferry, barge, parking, trams, warehouse and more. Numerous personnel are responsible for operating and improving those functions and those personnel should be directed by a professional management team. Some of those disciplines already exist within the Village structure, facilitating the transition of ownership and management.

The present Village Council does not want to micromanage the transportation system. We want the Village to own it, and direct it for the benefit of its users. We need to own it in order to staff the Village Transportation Department with personnel that will know and learn the needs and wants of you, our guests, our contractors and our employees.

The current Council and I have stated publicly our recommendation and support of the upcoming bond referendum, so that all Bald Head Island stakeholders will be responsible for the future viability of OUR transportation system.

Thank you for your time,

Mayor Andy Sayre

Clarification: Mayor Sayre is not resigning. He will be finishing his term in December 2021 and is not running in this year’s municipal election.