Annual Change from Chloramines to Chlorine

The Village of Bald Head Island in conjunction with Brunswick County will use free chlorine as the primary disinfectant on or shortly after September 30th, 2022 through late October or early November 2022.

You may notice a chlorine taste and odor in your drinking water while free chlorine is utilized. If you are especially sensitive to the taste and odor of chlorine, try keeping an open container of drinking water in your refrigerator. This will enable the chlorine to dissipate thus reducing the chlorine taste. Remember – drinking water has a shelf life! Change out the water in your refrigerated container weekly.

Please note, if you have an aquarium or pond always test the water you add to your aquatic environment to be sure it is free of any chlorine before adding fish or other animals. Chemical additives with directions for removing either free chlorine or chloramines from water for use in fish tanks or ponds are available at pet/fish supply stores.

View our full notice HERE for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact The Village of Bald Head Island Utilities Department at 910-457-7350.