BHITA Meeting Recap

Last evening, the Village sent out information about this morning’s Bald Head Island Transportation Authority (BHITA) public meeting.  Unfortunately, the access code that the Village sent out last evening was not the one used for this morning’s meeting.  By the time Village staff received the updated access code and blasted it out to Islanders, the meeting was ending.

Recap of LGC Discussion at BHITA Meeting

Bond counsel for BHITA provided the board with a summary of what was discussed at the February 2, 2021, Local Government Commission (LGC) meeting related to the BHITA.  Bond counsel reminded the board that BHITA’s application for approval was previously removed from the LGC meeting agenda at the request of Treasurer Dale Folwell.  Bond counsel reported that there was a brief discussion at the LGC meeting about that decision and recognition of the Village’s desire, as expressed in letters from Village Council, to have a chance to give appropriate input in the process before LGC consideration.  

After that report, Susan Rabon (chairperson of BHITA) suggested that there be an informational session for the Village and other interested parties on February 17, 2021.  BHITA’s counsel has been instructed to give public notice of this meeting and to look into means to allow for public comment using remote technology.

Claude Pope and Rex Cowdry (BHI residents on the BHITA board) expressed support for the February 17 informational session.  Mr. Cowdry suggested that there be a presentation on BHITA activities and current proposal in addition to a period for public comment..

What’s Next

The Bald Head Island Club has offered the BHITA to use its meeting software and equipment to conduct the meeting.  Once the meeting details are finalized the Village will send this information to Islanders.

The BHITA is permitted to limit the public comment period to a certain length of time.  BHITA’s counsel has suggested that folks with like comments designate a spokesperson to speak on behalf of others.  Written comments will also be accepted and an email address for the BHITA will be included with the meeting information.

Visit the BHITA Documents webpage for more information: