Isaias Update #12


Village has Terminated State of Emergency – The Village terminated the State of Emergency effective August 6, 2020 at 8:00 a.m.

Power – Power has been restored island-wide. 

Swimming is still not advised for Brunswick Beaches – Brunswick County beaches, including Bald Head Island, remain under a precautionary advisory due to the conditions from Isaias which could cause increased levels of harmful bacteria in our coastal waters that can cause illness.  This advisory applies to creeks.  More information about the advisory HERE.

UPDATE ON PRECAUTIONARY SWIMMING ADVISORY – The State will not be able to give the “all clear” until early next week as samples come in. This advisory is not a “law” so it is not illegal to swim. It is advising folks to make an educated decision before they go in the water. As days go by after the storm, there is less risk. There is also less risk the further way you are from Oak Island (which is where the storm surge was bad). If you do go in the water and experience GI issues or rash tell your physician where you were swimming. Call 910-457-9700 ext. 1025 if you have any questions (posted 8/6/20 @ 1:15 p.m.).

Dosher Clinic on BHI is Open Today – As always, call 911 if you need immediate assistance.  The clinic is seeing patients by appointment only due to COVID-19, those seeking medical care from minor illnesses or injuries must call first (910) 457-5252.

Roads – Crews will be out again all day today to clear roads. Pushing is almost complete.

Debris – Like Hurricane Dorian, Isaias did not cause enough damage to require collection of construction debris or hazardous waste like golf carts and batteries. When roads are cleared the Village will begin the debris removal process. Residents are to place vegetative storm debris ONLY on the side of the road.  The Village will be picking up debris on public roads and private roads. Make sure debris piles do not block the road or anyone’s visibility while driving. Do not cover bollards or any utility/communication equipment.  There is no need to put in individual work orders as Public Works and the debris management contractors will make their way through the Village and do more than one pass.

For non-vegetative debris please contact a contractor (BHA has a list of providers). Public Works will not be accepting any non-vegetative debris including C&D and treated wood.

Village Parks – The dock at Marina Park is closed for repair. Assessment continues on other Village properties (including beach accesses). If something is blocked off, do not enter.

Damage Assessment – The damage assessment is complete and is now being entered into the Crisis Track system.  The Village will release final numbers as soon as they are available.  In the meantime, individual property owners who received damage as a result of Hurricane Isaias can self-report their damages by clicking HERE

These damage assessments are used to compile data that is then used by the State of North Carolina to determine if the damages from Hurricane Isaias have reached a level that would qualify Brunswick County for any federal assistance.  Federal Assistance can be either Public Assistance (PA) relating to infrastructure and government services (as well as some non-profit agencies) or Individual Assistance (IA) which is assistance that directly assists the residents of the county.

Federal Programs and funding are typically not made available without these damage assessments.  Homeowners will still need to report damages to their individual insurance companies and will still have to apply to any programs that become available.

Tornado – A few homes in the Middle Island area had major structural damage likely due to a tornado.  National Weather Service Wilmington’s preliminary report indicates that an EF-1 tornado with maximum winds speeds of 105 mph tracked over an 8.3-mile path.  Witnesses on Bald Head Island observed the waterspout move onshore from East Beach and into the Middle Island area.  NWS reported the tornado then crossed the Cape Fear River and came onshore again in Southport.  No fatalities or injuries were reported.  NWS preliminary report HERE (now appearing under Version 13).