Portion of Lighthouse Landing Now Closed to Vehicle Traffic

Yesterday, a section of Lighthouse Wynd was closed to vehicle traffic for an upcoming event.  This section is to remain closed after the event in anticipation of the installation of bollards which will be placed just past the parking area next to the Old Baldy Lighthouse and Smith Island Museum.  The closed section will remain open for pedestrian traffic until construction work begins for Old Baldy Foundation’s campus expansion.  The parking area is also still available for the time being.

This a continuation of the Village Council decision, as set out in Order No. 2022-0402, to close a portion of Lighthouse Wynd between the intersection with the Timber Bridge and the intersection with Ballast Stone Alley. This decision was reached after a public hearing as reported following the April 2022 Village Council Meeting.

The street closure was initiated by a petition from Mark and Robin Prak, Old Ballast Stone, LLC, the Old Baldy Foundation, The Village Chapel, Bald Head Island Limited, LLC, and the Bald Head Association as part of plans to expand Old Baldy Foundation’s campus over the area of road that is closed and onto adjacent property. Preliminary plans were discussed with the Village at the 2019 through 2022 annual Village Council retreats (the 2022 version of the expansion plans can be viewed HERE).