Village sends letter of support to NCUC for ferries to run at full capacity

The Village sent THIS LETTER to the NC Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) in support of Bald Head Island Transportation Inc.’s MOTION to resume ferry operations at full capacity. In the letter, Mayor Sayre indicated that the increase in ferry usage from seasonal visitors has already caused extremely long lines and bumped passengers.  He explained that in addition to vacation travel and tourism, the capacity limit has burdened independent tradesmen and employees who need to travel to the island every day for their jobs and how this, in turn, affects the quality of life of the island’s residents, the commerce of its businesses, and the livelihood of those who work on the island.   

Bald Head Island Transportation, Inc., is waiting on the Commission’s decision.  The Village hopes that BHI Transportation Inc. will hear something by the end of this week and as soon as it hears from BHI Transportation, Inc., will pass this information on to Islanders in a future announcement.