Village of Bald Head Island

Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is charged with ensuring the safety and well being of the residents, employees and visitors to the island as well as the security and safety of the properties on the island.  All Public Safety Officers are required to become certified in Law Enforcement, Firefighting and as an EMT or Paramedic.  In addition, they must be trained in Water Rescue.  The Department is led by the Director of Public Safety, Carl Pearson and Command Staff, Captains Scott Anderson and Paul Swanson.  There are four shifts are led by a lieutenant with three to four Public Safety Officers on duty at all times.  Seasonal Law Enforcement Officers are added each summer to assist in night time patrols.  The Administrative Assistant to the Director handles ICE permits, golf cart registrations and general office duties plus clinic registration during the summer season.    The department is supported by a volunteer staff who assist with medical emergencies, firefighting and water rescue.

The Department has two fully equipped fire engines, with the second out engine located at the substation on Middle Island.  The first out engine and a 65 foot ladder truck are located at the main station.  Public Safety has two ambulances that are fully stocked for emergencies and a mini-ambulance that is available for use in narrow drives and on bridges. Water rescue is facilitated by two jet skis, a 16 foot zodiac with a 60 HP engine and a Jon boat for use in the marsh.  An ATV and a UTV are available for use in beach rescue.   Public Safety Officers patrol in the two Quick Response Vehicles which are equipped with a variety of supplies for first response to medical emergencies, fires, and water rescue as well as for law enforcement.  During the summer season, Dosher Hospital staffs an urgent care center at the station.

The Department of Public Safety offices are located at the corner of Edward Teach Wynd and Muscadine Wynd.  A new station is under construction on Edward Teach Wynd across from Merchants Row.

Station tours are given during the day when staff is available.

To contact the Administrative Assistant for information on permits and registrations, call 910 457 5252 during office hours from Monday through Friday.


Public Safety Volunteer Application